Our Story

Our Story

Prior to establishing Maximus Performance in 2017, co-founders, Dave Tomlin and Kenen Shadd, were setting national records for track and field and competing at the highest levels including the Pan American Games, World Indoor Championships and World Junior Athletics Championships.

They realized the advantage that speed and agility had in all sports and wanted to share their expertise to teach the proper running mechanics to youth athletes. They also realized the increasing need for speed and agility training due to early sport specialization and the lack of free play amongst children. It’s important to teach proper speed and power foundations from a young age because as athletes get older, it may be too late.

By teaching the proper mechanics for speed and agility, athletes are able to improve their performance, help prevent injuries and promote longevity. They opened this program to the entire sports community to give youth athletes the opportunity to reach their maximum potential in their chosen sport.

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